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“The Three Bs”

Preparatory vocational training (Berufsbildungsbereich, BBB) as an alternative service provider

Practical job preparation as an alternative to workshops for persons with disabilities

In addition to the preparatory vocational training in our workshop for persons with disabilities in the MFZ (Münchner Förderzentrum, Munich Support Centre), the Stiftung ICP München offers its own Berufsbildungsbereich (BBB, Preparatory Vocational Training): THE THREE Bs As an alternative option to the work in a workshop for persons with disabilities, our BBB prepares you for a job in the open labour market. In these jobs, you are of great assistance to your co-workers because you help them complete their tasks.

We help you choose the right job and together with you will find a company where you want to work. This is then where you will take a work placement and learn the ropes while we support you to do your job well. You also have the option to select one of our existing cooperation facilities (kitchens, day-care centres and senior residences, see below). In addition to the practical side of the work, in our facilities you will also learn a number of basic skills: We offer training in important work techniques, in workplace safety, in working with a computer, or how to collaborate well within a team.

BBB Eligibility

The BBB is open to persons with a disability who would also be eligible for a workshop assignment. Eligibility is determined by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit. In order to participate in our BBB you must have finished school and meet the requirements for attending a vocational school, such as with a qualification year for work or the professional preparation year, or in the vocational school level. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You must register to attend the BBB, which is typically done by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit. Once you have completed the BBB, you can decide whether you want to pick the “Budget for Work” and choose a job in the free labour market or prefer to work in a workshop for persons with disabilities.

Important is also that you enjoy your work, like dealing with other people and are open for new things.

Focus on hands-on preparation

In the BBB of the Stiftung ICP München, you will work in different operational settings right from the start. The instructions on the operational step take place in the group rooms of the Stiftung ICP München before you switch to an on-site work placement in our collaborating companies.

We are happy to accommodate your wishes when selecting a work site for you. We currently cooperate with companies in the areas of home economics and social care. In home economics, for instance, you assist your co-workers in the kitchen and in house and textile cleaning, while in the social care setting, you support your co-workers in social jobs (mainly spend time with seniors or children).

Starting in the autumn of 2021, we also plan to offer gardening and landscaping work. The landscaping work encompasses, for example, the maintenance of green spaces (mowing lawns, trimming hedges, sweeping, weeding, raking leaves, cutting branches) and growing vegetables. Inside the building, indoor plants in hydro-culture are cared for and hydroponic vegetables are grown year-round.

Our current work placements

  • Haus St. Josef, Tagespflege, Münchenstift
  • Integrative Kindergrippe Kleeblatt
  • BlauWeiß Pflegedienst GmbH

We are currently negotiating for additional work placement opportunities in gastronomy and social-care facilities.

Our BBB participants wear the proper required professional clothes/uniforms

  • Cooking clothes
  • Special clothing for building cleaning
  • Safety shoes

BBB Structure

After that, you can switch to the preparatory vocational training where you will learn the operational activities from your chosen professional area. Comprehensive skills, such as help with practical life skills and work-place relevant capabilities, are taught as well, for example money management in everyday life, using media and computers, or work studies for your daily professional life. The total duration of entry process and preparatory vocational training is up to 27 months.

The goal of the preparatory vocational training is to find a job and the “Budget for Work” is intended to help with that placement. For information on the Budget for Work, please refer to the “Budget für Arbeit” flyer of the Bezirk Oberbayern, which can be found under the following  Link.

Everything under one roof

If you wish you may also use the interdisciplinary offerings within the Stiftung ICP München, such as medical care or therapies. Special services comprised of social educators and psychologists complement our offerings. If you are interested, you can also live in our boarding house or use transportation services.

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Your contacts

Wolfgang Heizer

Director BBB

Socio-pedagogical special services for the Berufsbildungsbereich (BBB)