The Stiftung ICP München

Our spirit—generous, approachable, and accessible

“The spirit that characterises the Stiftung ICP München and reigns in all our facilities reflects a friendly, generous and approachable attitude…

Assistance for all situations in life

„I grew up with the ICP. At the age of three, I started attending the nursery school of the Stiftung ICP München, which at the time was still called Spastiker-Zentrum. When I turned 20, I moved to the MFZ.”

Our Expertise

“We are specialists for rehabilitation, development, nursing, schooling, treatment and therapy of persons with physical disabilities.”

Our Services

For the youngest

The children’s needs are our top priority.
“My work here in the Stiftung ICP München is characterised by a high level of expertise, trusted interactions with my colleagues and a great deal of empathy. Having said that, the children’s individual needs and wishes have top priority.”

Ann-Kathrin Wanner, Curative education day centre

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What school is a good fit?

“Every child gets the schooling they need.”
“Our classes at the Luise Kiesselbach School are taught in a community, are based on the pupils’ life environment and oriented towards the acquisition of capabilities. We strive to design our instruction in a way that satisfies the needs of each and every one of our pupils.”

Kai Habenreich, Teacher at the Luise-Kiesselbach-Förderschule

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Turned 18. Now what?

“Assistance on the way to become an adult”
“I have a lot of respect for our participants who are—their physical impairments notwithstanding—very determined and committed and want to complete their education successfully. We help them do that.”

Katharina Giefer, Client Management BBW

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Residential living the way I like it

“A dream has come true for me”
“I am very happy that I can live the way I always wanted. Here in the MFZ Giesing I live in my familiar environment, but completely independently. The nursing service is always available when there is something I need. That’s perfect.”

Thomas Pollauf, resident in the external-care facility in Giesing

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Therapy tailored to my needs

“Therapy should be fun.”
We therapists want to make sure that clients have fun in therapy and like coming to see us. This is why we respond to our patients‘ wishes and try to inject variety and mainly fun into therapy.”

Magdalena Schlauch, Head of the therapy practice at the MFZ Giesing

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Work based on my talents

“Work strengthens self-confidence”
“A meaningful occupation that pursues a plausible goal and yields a result that can be viewed and held with both hands nurtures self-confidence and enhances motivation.”

Andreas Baldauf, Former Head of the MFZ Freimann support facility

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    Breaking down barriers together

    Are you willing to break down the stumbling blocks, obstacles, barriers, hurdles that exist in life and in our society together with our participants and colleagues?

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