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About us

We, the Stiftung ICP München, support, assist and develop children, youths, and adults with cerebral palsy or other physical und multiple disabilities in our many facilities with the objective to provide them with the best possible integration in school and work and participation in society.

Our care offerings are diverse and aligned with all phases in life. Rather than working apart from our clients, we work together with them—always with a focus on their life environment. This does not only apply to pedagogues, nursing staff, teachers, physicians, or therapists, but also to our administrative personnel and our board of trustees. The optimal and holistic support and development of our clients are the focus of our daily work, which follows the “Münchner Tageskonzept”, an integrative and interdisciplinary approach that unites not only knowledge, but also people from the disciplines of special, curative, vocational education, medicine, and therapy in close proximity.

This closeness and integration also show in our interactions with different religions and cultures. As an institution, we are not faith-based. Our various facilities employ people from a multitude of countries with the most diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. We consider this diversity as a big plus, not only for our staff, but especially for the participants in the programme.

The Stiftung ICP München recognises diversity as something very enriching and as a positive challenge, which encourages us to continually evolve for the benefit of the clients in our care.