Medicine & Therapy

Specialist medical care

Medicine & Therapy

Specialist medical care

You can rely on highly qualified and closely coordinated care by our team of specialists in all our facilities within the Stiftung ICP München. After an intake examination, our team of specialised physicians makes a decision about the admission and prescribes individual therapies in the core areas of physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy as well as psychology. We offer you medical exams and consultation on all health matters, including the provision of therapeutic appliances. Physicians’ visits are scheduled twice a week. Dr. med. Veronika Wegener is our director for medicine and therapy at the Stiftung ICP München, and she is supported by a staff of physicians for pediatric and youth medicine as well as by orthopaedists.

Medical care includes:

  • Intake examinations
  • Discussions regarding the development plan
  • Regular visits
  • Individual gait analysis
  • Recommendation and management of surgical procedures
  • Referral to specialists of other disciplines
  • Prescription for physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapies
  • Prescription and acceptance of assistive devices; orthopaedic devices can be made in our in-house workshop
  • Preparation of a federal-standard medication plan
  • Post-operative follow-up care
This comprehensive medical care is designed to give you as parents, children, youths, and adults with disabilities the safety and security that you deserve.

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Your contacts

Dr. med. Veronika Wegener

Director for medicine and therapy

Helene Kremer

Medical Secretary Stiftung ICP

Nursing service

Our in-house nursing service at the ICP München site includes multiple professions. The medical experts of our nursing service are comprised of health and (children’s) nurses and a wound expert, a hygiene care specialist and a children’s care specialist for intensive care. The close proximity to our physicians’ team and the pedagogical departments allows us to medically and therapeutically care for the children, youths, and adults quickly, in close collaboration and with focus on the patient.

Our nursing and therapeutical care includes:

  • Monitoring of vital parameters
  • Care of supply and drainage systems, such as catheters and PEGs
  • Inhalations
  • Wound care
  • Post-operative follow-up care
In addition to emergency medical care, our nursing service organises a weekly GP surgery and is closely involved in post-operative rehabilitation. Our nursing service collaborates with all disciplines on site. Its specialists instruct colleagues without medical training in basic medical issues and provide guidance on therapeutic activities. It assists and advises colleagues when medical problems or abnormalities in clients arise, ensuring that our clients are always provided with optimal and state-of-the-art care.

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Your contact

Andra Deboeser

Head of the nursing service