Medicine & Therapy

Medicine & Therapy

Post-operative Rehabilitation

The immediate period after surgery is often very exhausting and upsetting for children and for you as their immediate family. Most times, the nursing needs increase considerably, and with the goal of recuperating quickly, one wants to start the appropriate therapy without delay. In this sensitive time in particular, close coordination between the treating physicians, therapists, nurses and last but not least the patient himself or herself is extremely important. Because we understand this, we offer rehabilitation treatment on site for children and youths attending our curative education day centre and special-needs school once they have been discharged from an in-patient hospital stay (operation).

For this phase with all its required medical-therapeutic treatments and nursing care, rehab beds are available in our school boarding house for rehabilitation periods of two to six weeks. During this time, your child will receive the usual professional care provided by Stiftung ICP München personnel and will be able to continue to use our in-house resources, such as physician team, nursing service, therapy, school, and day centre. We offer you close coordination during the treatment and rehabilitation options in a familiar setting. After the stress caused by surgery, a safe and familiar environment can provide your child with the stability necessary to focus entirely on the healing process and on strengthening his or her capabilities. In addition, you as their parents or guardians are closely involved in the rehab process while receiving the necessary support from our experienced specialist staff.


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